What is the Cost of Living In Provo, Utah?

It costs much less to live in Provo, Utah, than it does to live in New York City, New York.  Foreign students who are considering coming to study ESL in the United States should take a serious look at the following Cost of Living Index, which comes from Numbeo.com.  Foreign students, or their parents, can save a considerable amount of money by studying in Provo, Utah.  See for yourself!

New York City                                                              Provo, Utah
Combo meal at McDonald’s:  $7.00                              $6.33
0.33 liter bottle of Coke:  $1.76                                     $1.36
1 liter whole milk:  $1.35                                                    .75
Dozen eggs:  $3.02                                                         $1.26
1 kilogram of rice:  $3.06                                               $2.35
Monthly bus pass:  $112.00                                           $69.00
Monthly utilities:  $151.00                                             $110.00
1 movie ticket:  $13.50                                                  $7.50
Monthly room rent:  $1200.00                                       $299.00

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