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The ‘Magic’ of Provo
John Curtis, mayor of the top-ranked place on our list, Provo, UT, said people are moving to his city to be part of “the magic that we’re experiencing here.”
“Our city was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit, and it’s still present,” Curtis  told The SpareFoot Blog. “The citizens are motivated by improving the quality of life for themselves along with others around the world.”
Curtis said people outside Provo don’t realize it’s the “polyglot” capital of the world, “meaning we have more people that speak more languages in one city than any other.” 
“Most of our residents have spent time in other places and have a deep sense of stewardship in making life as enjoyable as possible,” the mayor said. “It’s the same reason we are first in volunteerism and rate the highest in well-being.”
Six Hot Startup Hubs With Provo leading the way, here is SpareFoot’s list of America’s Six Fastest-Growing On-the-Rise Startup Hubs.
1. Provo, UT
One-year population growth: 2.2 percent
July 31, 2012, population: 550,230
July 31, 2013, population: 562,239
Amount of venture capital per 100,000 residents: $30.7 million
Ranking for venture capital per 100,000 residents: No. 9
Major university: Brigham Young University
2. Fort Collins, Co
3.  Boulder, CO
4.  Santa Barbra, CA
5.  Lawrence, KS
6. Madison, WI

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