Study Tips for Learning English.

It takes hard work and determination to learn a new language and to excel at the tests and challenges you will face with your newly-acquired language skills.  We congratulate you on your decision to study at Nomen Global Language Centers in Provo, Utah.  You have chosen an excellent school for learning to be proficient in the English language.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time learning ESL:

Study groups. 

It’s always smart to meet with other people who are studying and struggling with the same subject you are.  If you are weak in one area, such as grammar, there is bound to be someone else who is strong in grammar, and they can help you out.  On the other hand, you are probably strong in some area, such as vocabulary, and so you will be able to help out your fellow students.  It not only makes you feel good, but actually helps you to increase your talents!  Make sure you meet somewhere quiet, such as a library.  Restaurants and bars are not good for study – they’re too noisy and you’re too busy eating!  For each study session set a goal as a group, such as memorizing six new vocabulary words, and don’t quit until everybody achieves it!

Develop Time Management Skills.

The hours you spend in class may not seem too overwhelming to you, but please remember that for every hour of class time you will need to spend at least an hour out of class preparing and studying.  When the ancient Greek General Ptolemy Soter asked the great mathematician Euclid if there wasn’t an easier way to learn than to study long hours, Euclid famously replied: “There is no royal road to learning.”  You’ve got to put in the time, so you might as well learn how to manage your hours so you not only learn a new language, but have enough time left over to have fun as well!  Plan on getting at least 8 hours of sleep during school nights; this will keep you awake and alert during classes.  Save the late nights and parties for the weekend, and, before you go out to a social gathering, set a goal to study first, so that you will not have to try and catch up when you are tired and sleepy.  Make time for sports and cultural activities, by all means, but make your studies your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. 

Remember that Your Teachers are Your Allies, Not Your Adversaries.

Our teachers are here to help you, not just to drill you on what you’ve learned and to give you tests.  If you find something in class is too difficult to understand, take a moment after class to consult your teacher about it.  Everyone learns at their own speed, so if you are slower at comprehension than some others that is nothing to be ashamed of or mad about; just remember that your instructors DO have all the answers when it comes to English, and they’ll “bend over backwards” to help you obtain the knowledge you need!

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