55 Countries Use English as Their Official Language.

English is spoken as an official language in 55 countries around the world, outside of North America.  Here is the breakdown:

                                      Asia:  8 countries.                  

Sri Lanka,

                               Africa:  23 countries.

 South Sudan
 South Africa
 Sierra Leone

                                            Caribbean: 10 countries.

 Trinidad and Tobago
  Saint Vincent
  Saint Lucia
  Saint Kitts and Nevis
  Antigua and Barbuda  

                                                 Oceania:  16 countries.

  New Zealand
  Cook Islands

                                             Europe:  2 countries.

United Kingdom

                                        South America:  1 country.


And . . . 
There are an additional 27 territories and colonies where English is also considered the official language for government and business.  

You can truly travel the world and be understood everywhere, if you speak English!

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