Nomen Global Welcomes a New Staff Member.

This week Nomen Global welcomes a new member to the school's staff.
Tim Torkildson was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As a child he excelled in ice fishing and tall tales, and when he turned 17 he left home to attend Ringling Brothers Clown College, in Venice, Florida.  He graduated magna cum laude, after spraying an entire audience with a fire extinguisher.  He traveled all over the United States with the circus as a clown for several years before moving to Patzcuaro, Mexico, to study pantomime with noted maestro Sigfrido Aguilar.
When his pantomime studies were completed Tim moved to Thailand for two years to work as a religious volunteer.  While there he performed at numerous hospitals, schools and prisons, doing his clown routines as a public service.  He developed a deep and abiding love and respect for the Thai people and their culture . . . . as well as for their delicious and spicy food!
When Tim returned to America he studied broadcasting at Brown College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and took his first job as a radio news director at KGCX Radio in Williston, North Dakota.  From there he went on to work at several other radio stations in the Midwest, broadcasting the news.
Tim has also studied Improvisation at the Brave New Workshop, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and performed with several circuses as their ringmaster and publicity director.
Most recently Tim went back to Thailand, where he received a TESOL certificate from TEFL International and began teaching ESL in Thai public schools.
He returned to the United States several months ago, to live in Provo, Utah, so he could be near his numerous children and grandchildren.  His hobbies include singing, cooking and haiku.
At Nomen Global Tim will be helping out with marketing and social media, as well as teaching English classes.

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