Bienvenidos to Cesar Cortes!

Cesar is the fellow standing up right next to the mirror.

Nomen Global Language Centers, of Provo, Utah, welcomes new student Cesar Cortes, from Barquisimeto, Venezuela.  Barquisimeto is famous for its statue of the Divina Pastora, or Divine Shepherdess, which was sculpted in 1736.  It is the patron saint of the city, as well as of the Venezuelan National Militia.

The city is also home to the notable baseball team Cardenales de Lara.  Cesar says he has been a passionate fan of the Cardenales ever since he was a young boy. He also enjoys playing baseball himself. Cesar is an agricultural engineer.  Back in Venezuela he worked at a feed factory.     He and his wife, Mafe, currently live in Orem, and are planning on staying indefinitely in the United States.  

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