Nomen Global is the Best ESL School Because . . . .

  • We are kind to dumb animals, such as our competitors.
  • Our competitors are so dyslexic that they sell their souls to Santa.
  • We give Green Stamps.
  • Our student body is gorgeous!
  • Our teachers are so efficient they not only count sheep in their sleep but shear them and knit wool blankets!
  • Our feng shui is impeccable.
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica comes to US for grammar advice.
  • On casual dress Fridays everyone shows up in a tuxedo!
  • Our potlucks are catered by Escoffier.
  • Our teachers are so smart their IQ is higher than the National Debt.
  • We speak every language known to man . . . and a few known only to women.
  • Our students do so well after graduating that they send food packages to millionaires.
  • Our curriculum is so advanced and user-friendly that a monkey could take our course and then replace (name any late night talk show host) without anyone knowing the difference.
  • We dispense free toothpicks.
  • No other ESL school would post a blog like this.  We DARE them!   

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