Pham The, Our Valiant Vietnamese Valedictorian.

18-year old Pham The will be leaving Nomen Global Language Center, here in Provo, Utah, next month in May for the adventure of a lifetime.  He will be serving for two years as an LDS missionary in the Anaheim, California, Mission.
Pham The grew up in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where his parents worked in the pharmaceutical business and then went into real estate.  He came to the United States two years ago to begin learning English so he could attend college in the United States and improve his career prospects in his home country.  While staying with his sister in Houston, Texas, he decided to embrace the LDS faith, and then decided he would attempt to enter Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  He moved here about a year ago, but was unable to enter BYU immediately, and so decided to attend Nomen Global to polish his English skills. 
Deciding three months ago that he wanted to serve a mission, he spoke to his Bishop, and, just last week, he was given his assignment to Anaheim, California.
Needless to say, The (as he likes to be called) is very excited about his upcoming change of scenery and lifestyle.  In the meantime he will continue with his ESL studies at Nomen Global, and, in his spare time, he will continue to play his favorite Starcraft computer games.  When he returns from his proselyting, he hope to be able to enter BYU at last. 

We wish him Godspeed and good luck!

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