Gallup Poll Shows Provo to be Most Likely Place in USA For Learning Something New!

 -- Residents of Provo-Orem, Utah, and Boulder, Colo., are the most likely to report that they learned something new or interesting "yesterday." Provo-Orem has been among the top three cities for daily learning since Gallup and Healthways began tracking the measure in 2008, while Boulder has consistently ranked in the top 10. Provo-Orem and Boulder are home to large colleges and universities, as are many of the communities with high levels of daily learning.
There is a clear connection between large college and university student populations and respondent reports of daily learning. University towns often provide learning opportunities for non-students, such as symposiums, lectures, museums, and active cultural organizations.
In general, Gallup research shows that high levels of learning "yesterday" are one of the factors that set apart communities with high well-being from those with low well-being. University towns have previously been among those with high levels of general well-being. Provo-Orem and Boulder were among the communities with the five highest Well-Being Index scores in 2012-2013, while Charleston, W.Va. was among the lowest. Many communities with higher percentages of residents who are satisfied with their city or area are also locations where residents report learning something new or interesting each day.
High learning levels correspond with overall well-being, as communities with high levels of learning each day are generally among those with the highest well-being, and communities with low levels of daily learning generally have lower well-being scores.
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