Why Nomen Global Loves Provo, Utah

Safety is a number one priority for Nomen Global. When Nomen Global was considering the best location for a safe and affordable campus, they decided that Provo, Utah, would be best for countless reasons.

Forbes magazine rated Provo as one of the top 10 safe places to raise a family. Because Provo is one of the safest cities in the United States, students can be sent to study in Provo with far less apprehension than other large cities.

Provo is very affordable. The price of living and everyday costs, such as food and rent, are minimal when compared with major cities in the United States. Nomen Global offers high quality education with less expensive tuition than in large cities, up to half as much in many cases.

Students who study in Provo are able to have rich cultural and social experiences. Two major universities are located in the immediate area. Because of the large amount of college age students in Provo, there are many recreational events targeted to students. Some examples include: water parks, popular concerts, sporting events, museums, shopping malls, arcades and bowling, theaters, and dances.

Because the city of Provo is located minutes from the mountains, many outdoor activities are at the fingertips of Nomen Global students. Some of those activities include: hiking, mountain biking, swimming, rock climbing, boating, long boarding, snowboarding, ice skating, and more!

Popular American tourist destinations in the Western United States are within a reasonable travel distance from Nomen Global. It takes only an hour to fly to Las Vegas, 2 hours to fly to both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and 40 minutes to drive to Salt Lake City. Utah is full of famous and beautiful national parks including Zion’s National Park and Arches national park, each within driving distance!

We urge you to encourage all students interested in studying English in America to compare and consider Utah! Nomen Globals alumni have had great experiences in Utah because of the quality of their education, affordable living, exciting destinations, and life long friendships.

Italian Food Night

Since today is Thursday and a long weekend, you need a international food experience for the weekend! Click HERE to print this coupon for Macaroni Grill! (Provo's location is in the Riverwood's)

Upcoming Event: White Water Rafting

Nomen Global is offering a great day trip for all students! They will meet July 30th at 9:30 a.m. at the school. Transportation for the students will be provided as they take a two-hour drive down to the Green River. Once they arrive at the river they will be provided with all the gear they will need as they float down the river! Students should remember to bring their own lunch, water, sunscreen, extra clothes, and any other personal items they would like. Nomen Global will provide snacks. Nomen Global was able to find a great deal on raft rentals, so the price per student including everything will be only $20. Students need to sign up as soon as possible so Nomen Global can continue to prepare for the trip and make it great!

Stewart Falls Hike

If you have never been to or heard of Stewart Falls near Sundance in Provo Canyon, it was described as "beautiful" by Nomen Global students. Last week students were able to take the short 15 minute drive to the falls and enjoy one of many of Utah's beautiful hikes.

The hike took about a hour to get to the waterfall; students were able to enjoy the cool water and eat their lunches while taking in the scenery.

Nomen Global tries to offer its students as many opportunities as possible to enjoy the local surroundings and become more involved in local culture. Everyone had a great time!

Transfer Student Discount

Nomen Global is offering a fantastic discount on tuition for students transferring from other ESL schools!
This is a great opportunity for students to get to go to a better quality school at a great price, so tell your friends!

Stewart Falls

Nomen Global Students will be hiking in the beautiful Sundance area on Thursday! Anyone who has not been on this particular hike, Stewart Falls, should go. It is amazing how beautiful it is especially since it's only about 15 miles from Provo! The hike takes only about a hour of hiking to get to the waterfall.

Nomen Global will provide a snack, but the students should wear good shoes, bring a sack lunch, water, and sunscreen.

Come back soon for pictures and updates of the event!