International Food

What is your favorite type of international food? Well, if you don't know, you need to meet some of the students at Nomen Global, who made their favorite dishes from their countries last week. 

For our Monday Activity, we started the day by learning to appreciate different countries and cultures. We each brought a dish from our home country: Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, and many more. We introduced the dish we brought, as well as where it came from.

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Grammar Guide: Adverb Clauses of Direct Contrast

Summer at Nomen Global is always an adventure. Many students study short-term rather than a full semester. We attend many holiday festivities around the city together, such as Freedom Days, and travel to a high-adventure activity, such as white-water rafting. Although there are fewer students in the summer, we have a lot of fun!

Adverb Clauses of Direct Contrast
These adverb clauses indicate that the two expressed ideas are in direct contrast. Different from adverb clauses of unexpected result, these clauses simply show opposite ideas. We use the subordinating conjunction while to show this contrast.

  • While many summer students study short-term, other students study for longer than one semester.
  • While we attend many activities in the city, we also spend time in nature.
  • While it is true that many students love the summer in Provo, other students miss the snow.
In these sentences, we notice that the two expressed ideas are in direct contract to each other. 

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Teacher Spotlight: Crystal Jewkes

Crystal Jewkes is one of the newest additions to the Nomen Global faculty, but we are thrilled to have her work with us and the students. She brings an advanced understanding of higher education to our GMAT/GRE Preparation students to help them prepare for the future.

Crystal grew up in Logan, Utah, which is one of the larger cities in Northern Utah. She has a bachelor's degree from Utah State University and a teaching degree and a Master's of Education from Southern Utah University. She has many years of experience teaching secondary education in Iron County, Utah, and she is currently a member of the Brigham Young University faculty.

Although Crystal started teaching at Nomen Global just two months ago, she already feels completely at home with the students and other faculty members. Nomen Global also recognizes her great strengths in teaching and creating a bountiful learning environment.

Crystal also loves her family and is determined to raise successful and happy kids. In her spare time, she loves to crochet, which is similar to knitting. She also plays the violin. Crystal lives by her favorite quote, which helps her be so successful: "What would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail?"

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Nature Hike

Spring is one of our favorite seasons in Utah because we are always excited to see color after a long, white winter. How do we celebrate spring's arrival? We take a hike in nature! That's what we did for our Monday Activity last week. We drove a few minutes up Provo Canyon to the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls to explore some of what nature has to offer us. 

We started out in teams, each team with a camera and a list of items in nature. With our cameras in hand, we set out to take pictures of as many things on our list as possible: someone holding a giant rock, two people hugging on a bridge, a yellow flower, someone catching the sun, someone walking on water, someone doing a handstand in front of a waterfall, and many others!

After we took pictures of everything on our list, we got together for a group picture and enjoyed the new, warm weather. Take a look at our group!

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Grammar Guide: Adverb Clauses of Unexpected Results

Since April 1970, the United States has celebrated Earth Day. Earth Day was started to help people realize the importance of taking care of the environment. Although thousands of factories polluted the air and water everyday before the 1970s, it was not illegal. Nobody could make the factories pay for the damage they caused. Today, however, these same factories have to follow certain rules to protect our environment. On April 22 each year, people all over the United States try to do their part to remember to keep our world healthy and clean. Even though it may be difficult to do sometimes, we know that protecting our environment will keep everyone happy and healthy.

Adverb Clauses of Unexpected Results
These adverb clauses show that an actual result may be unexpected in certain circumstances. We use the subordinating conjunctions although or even though to show that the result is not what we would expect.

Notice how the result is not what we would expect in these examples:

  • Although thousands of factories polluted the air and water everyday before the 1970s, it was not illegal.
  • Even though it may be difficult to do sometimes, we know that protecting our environment will keep everyone happy and healthy.
In the first sentence, we would expect the factories to be punished somehow for destroying the environment. However, this was not true. We use although to show that the result is unexpected. In the second sentence, we would expect people to not worry about the environment because it might be difficult. However, we do! Even though also shows that this result is unexpected.

To learn more about Earth Day, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency and choose something you can do to protect our planet. To learn more about Nomen Global, visit our website or 'like' us on Facebook.

Student Spotlight: Yuta Morigami

Yuta Morigami is from Japan. He first learned about Nomen Global from his sister, who studied English with us about a year ago. Yuta plans to study English at Nomen Global for an entire year! He has learned that English is necessary to get a good job, especially for international companies in Japan. Yuta says that he loves the teachers because they make the activities fun and the classes easy for him to understand.

Yuta hopes to return to Japan after he finishes studying English. He feels that his time here has already been a success. One of his greatest accomplishments so far is being able to have conversations about daily life with native speakers and other students at the school. In the future, Yuta hopes to be a millionaire, live a peaceful life, and improve his international thinking. He keeps his dreams alive with his motto: the sky's the limit.

While Yuta intends to live in Japan, he is thoroughly enjoying his experience in the United States. In fact, his favorite food is American food! In his free time, Yuta enjoys playing soccer with other students on Fridays, going shopping, and riding his bicycle around Utah Valley.

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Spring Hiking

We finally were able to hike the famous Y Mountain; however, we weren't so lucky to get a snow-free day! As planned, we drove up to the trailhead. As soon as we started our ascent, snow started to fall! We decided to push forward, and we are glad we did. The snow stopped quickly and we were happy to meet a clear and sunny sky at the top of the mountain. Take a look at some of the pictures we took on this local adventure.


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Grammar Guide: Adverb Clauses of Cause and Effect

Are you triskaidekaphobic? If you are, then today is not your lucky day! Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. Friday the 13th is considered one of the most unlucky days of the year, according to superstition. The year 2012 has three of them, 13 weeks apart, too! All cultures have different superstitions, but here some of the most popular superstitions in the United States:
  • Finding a penny or a pin is good luck.
  • Going out on Friday the 13th is bad luck.
  • Opening an umbrella inside is bad luck.
  • A black cat crossing your path is bad luck.
  • Breaking a mirror brings 7 years bad luck.
  • Hanging a horseshoe is good luck.
  • Walking under a ladder is bad luck.
  • Lighting three things from the same match is bad luck.
See if you can find all of these superstitions in the 1956 cartoon, Popeye the Sailor I Don't Scare.

Adverb Clauses of Cause and Effect
Unlike adverb clauses of time, adverb clauses of cause and effect answer the question why. Subordinating conjunctions that are used with adverb clauses of cause and effect are because and since.

It is possible to begin a sentence with the word because, but remember that this subordinating conjunction begins a dependent clause. It must be connected to an independent clause. Remember that if you begin a sentence with a dependent clause, place a comma after it to show that it is introductory material. If you begin your sentence with an independent clause, you do not need a comma before the dependent clause.

  • Because Olive was afraid of Friday the 13th, she did not want to leave the house.
  • Since Bluto liked Olive, he tried to ruin Popeye's date with her.
  • Popeye was upset because Bluto tricked Olive.
  •  Olive went on a date with Popeye since it wasn't actually Friday the 13th.
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Student Spotlight: Carlo Ezra Martinez Ruiz

Carlo Ezra Martinez Ruiz is from Oaxaca, Mexico. Ezra knows how important it is to study English to enter a good university and to find a good job. He decided to start studying English at Nomen Global a few months ago, and he will continue to improve until he gets accepted to a university. Ezra appreciates his teachers the most at Nomen Global. He feels that they are dedicated to their work and that he can learn faster with their help.

Ezra has already accomplished much in his life. Of all his accomplishments, he says that serving a mission in Mexico is the greatest. He has goals to graduate from a university, to get married, to start his own business, and most importantly to have a great family in the future. We wish you the best of luck, Ezra!

In his free time, Ezra exercises, reads, or goes out with friends. He enjoys being active and hates staying at home! Ezra also loves to eat (but he doesn't want to be fat!). He loves enfrijoladas, which is a popular Mexican dish similar to enchiladas, but are made with a creamy bean sauce.

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Can't Stop the Snow

Although we were planning to go hiking on Friday, we were hit by an unexpected snowstorm! We love hiking the Y because it's an easy hike with a great view! The Y is a trademark of Provo, Utah, and is the largest letter of its kind in the United States. The Y is even taller than the HOLLYWOOD letters! We met at Nomen Global as scheduled in the afternoon, and although the snow had melted, we decided to go bowling!

Bowling is one of our favorite activities because all students, no matter their skill level, can have a fun time. We choose to go to Fat Cats for bowling because it is close to Nomen Global and we get a great deal as a group.

If you were looking forward to hiking the Y, don't worry! We are rescheduling the hike for this Friday afternoon instead.

Since the snow can't seem to stay away, we'll post a few additional pictures from the skiing activity we had a few weeks ago. We were lucky to catch Sundance open for one of the last weeks of the season.

Upcoming Activities
Hike the Y
We rescheduled the hike for this Friday! We hope the snow decides to stay away long enough for us to enjoy the new spring weather.

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Grammar Guide: Adverb Clauses of Time

Easter in the United States combines both religious and cultural traditions. Children especially enjoy wondering what the Easter Bunny will bring them in their Easter basket. They color and hunt for Easter eggs around their house and garden. Families will often attend a religious ceremony to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Adverb Clauses of Time
While adverb clauses generally answer the questions when, where, why, and how, adverb clauses of time give more details to answer the question when. An adverb clause of time must start with a subordinating conjunction, such as before, after, when, while, until, since, by the time, as soon as, and others.

If the adverb clause of time comes before the independent clause, place a comma after it to show that it is introductory material. If the adverb clause of time comes after the independent clause, no comma is needed.

  • Before Easter Sunday arrives, families in the United States decorate their homes with eggs, flowers, and baskets.
  • Their parents hide plastic eggs filled with candy around the house while the children color Easter eggs.
  • When the children wake up on Easter Sunday, they discover that the Easter Bunny left them treats in their baskets.
  • After the whole family attends a special Easter church celebration, they eat a nice meal together.
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Teacher Spotlight: Phyllis McAffee

Phyllis McAffee teaches Grammar Level 2, Integrated Skills Level 3, Advanced Novels, Beginning Writing Workshop, Intermediate Speaking/Listening Workshop, and Idioms and Informal Speech. Phyllis had taught elementary school for over 30 years before she made a career change to TESOL. She has been working at Nomen Global over ten years.

Her years of experience give Phyllis an edge in the classroom. She always has creative ways to teach her students difficult concepts. It is common to see Phyllis with art and food projects in her classroom to facilitate discussion and creativity. One of the most popular courses in the school, Idioms and Informal Speech, is taught with Phyllis's expertise.

In her free time, Phyllis enjoys dancing with her husband. She is very active in the community and goes dancing about four times each week! Their favorite dancing is square dancing, which is a traditional American folk dance. The dance requires four couples, arranged in a square. Phyllis loves making friends this way.

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United Studio of Self Defense

For our Listening/Speaking Workshop, we had a fun and exciting opportunity to learn self defense from a high-ranking black belt in martial arts! When we arrived to the studio, located just a few blocks from Nomen Global, we started with a quick warm up of arm, leg, and abdomen exercises. We increased our heart rate to prepare us for basic self defense.

After our warm up, we learned the basic stances for punches and kicks. It was a challenge for many of us to listen to our sensei's (teacher's) specific instructions!

After we learned the basics, our instructor taught us real-world moves to defend ourselves in a confrontation. We practiced 3 different moves that use technique rather than strength to protect ourselves if someone grabbed us. Self defense is an important skill for everyone, not just women. We learned how to concentrate, to stay safe, and to feel more confident.


We really enjoyed how our instructor walked around to make sure everyone was practicing the right moves. He answered our questions about certain situations and helped us feel safer as we are living in a different country. Luckily Provo, Utah, is one of the safest cities in the United States, but we feel better know how to defend ourselves!

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