Teacher Spotlight: Crystal Jewkes

Crystal Jewkes is one of the newest additions to the Nomen Global faculty, but we are thrilled to have her work with us and the students. She brings an advanced understanding of higher education to our GMAT/GRE Preparation students to help them prepare for the future.

Crystal grew up in Logan, Utah, which is one of the larger cities in Northern Utah. She has a bachelor's degree from Utah State University and a teaching degree and a Master's of Education from Southern Utah University. She has many years of experience teaching secondary education in Iron County, Utah, and she is currently a member of the Brigham Young University faculty.

Although Crystal started teaching at Nomen Global just two months ago, she already feels completely at home with the students and other faculty members. Nomen Global also recognizes her great strengths in teaching and creating a bountiful learning environment.

Crystal also loves her family and is determined to raise successful and happy kids. In her spare time, she loves to crochet, which is similar to knitting. She also plays the violin. Crystal lives by her favorite quote, which helps her be so successful: "What would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail?"

Meet Crystal and other qualified teachers like her at Nomen Global!

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