Can't Stop the Snow

Although we were planning to go hiking on Friday, we were hit by an unexpected snowstorm! We love hiking the Y because it's an easy hike with a great view! The Y is a trademark of Provo, Utah, and is the largest letter of its kind in the United States. The Y is even taller than the HOLLYWOOD letters! We met at Nomen Global as scheduled in the afternoon, and although the snow had melted, we decided to go bowling!

Bowling is one of our favorite activities because all students, no matter their skill level, can have a fun time. We choose to go to Fat Cats for bowling because it is close to Nomen Global and we get a great deal as a group.

If you were looking forward to hiking the Y, don't worry! We are rescheduling the hike for this Friday afternoon instead.

Since the snow can't seem to stay away, we'll post a few additional pictures from the skiing activity we had a few weeks ago. We were lucky to catch Sundance open for one of the last weeks of the season.

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Hike the Y
We rescheduled the hike for this Friday! We hope the snow decides to stay away long enough for us to enjoy the new spring weather.

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