United Studio of Self Defense

For our Listening/Speaking Workshop, we had a fun and exciting opportunity to learn self defense from a high-ranking black belt in martial arts! When we arrived to the studio, located just a few blocks from Nomen Global, we started with a quick warm up of arm, leg, and abdomen exercises. We increased our heart rate to prepare us for basic self defense.

After our warm up, we learned the basic stances for punches and kicks. It was a challenge for many of us to listen to our sensei's (teacher's) specific instructions!

After we learned the basics, our instructor taught us real-world moves to defend ourselves in a confrontation. We practiced 3 different moves that use technique rather than strength to protect ourselves if someone grabbed us. Self defense is an important skill for everyone, not just women. We learned how to concentrate, to stay safe, and to feel more confident.


We really enjoyed how our instructor walked around to make sure everyone was practicing the right moves. He answered our questions about certain situations and helped us feel safer as we are living in a different country. Luckily Provo, Utah, is one of the safest cities in the United States, but we feel better know how to defend ourselves!

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