Grammar Guide: Adverb Clauses of Direct Contrast

Summer at Nomen Global is always an adventure. Many students study short-term rather than a full semester. We attend many holiday festivities around the city together, such as Freedom Days, and travel to a high-adventure activity, such as white-water rafting. Although there are fewer students in the summer, we have a lot of fun!

Adverb Clauses of Direct Contrast
These adverb clauses indicate that the two expressed ideas are in direct contrast. Different from adverb clauses of unexpected result, these clauses simply show opposite ideas. We use the subordinating conjunction while to show this contrast.

  • While many summer students study short-term, other students study for longer than one semester.
  • While we attend many activities in the city, we also spend time in nature.
  • While it is true that many students love the summer in Provo, other students miss the snow.
In these sentences, we notice that the two expressed ideas are in direct contract to each other. 

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