Student Spotlight: Yuta Morigami

Yuta Morigami is from Japan. He first learned about Nomen Global from his sister, who studied English with us about a year ago. Yuta plans to study English at Nomen Global for an entire year! He has learned that English is necessary to get a good job, especially for international companies in Japan. Yuta says that he loves the teachers because they make the activities fun and the classes easy for him to understand.

Yuta hopes to return to Japan after he finishes studying English. He feels that his time here has already been a success. One of his greatest accomplishments so far is being able to have conversations about daily life with native speakers and other students at the school. In the future, Yuta hopes to be a millionaire, live a peaceful life, and improve his international thinking. He keeps his dreams alive with his motto: the sky's the limit.

While Yuta intends to live in Japan, he is thoroughly enjoying his experience in the United States. In fact, his favorite food is American food! In his free time, Yuta enjoys playing soccer with other students on Fridays, going shopping, and riding his bicycle around Utah Valley.

Meet Yuta and other adventurous students like him at Nomen Global!

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