Teacher Spotlight: Phyllis McAffee

Phyllis McAffee teaches Grammar Level 2, Integrated Skills Level 3, Advanced Novels, Beginning Writing Workshop, Intermediate Speaking/Listening Workshop, and Idioms and Informal Speech. Phyllis had taught elementary school for over 30 years before she made a career change to TESOL. She has been working at Nomen Global over ten years.

Her years of experience give Phyllis an edge in the classroom. She always has creative ways to teach her students difficult concepts. It is common to see Phyllis with art and food projects in her classroom to facilitate discussion and creativity. One of the most popular courses in the school, Idioms and Informal Speech, is taught with Phyllis's expertise.

In her free time, Phyllis enjoys dancing with her husband. She is very active in the community and goes dancing about four times each week! Their favorite dancing is square dancing, which is a traditional American folk dance. The dance requires four couples, arranged in a square. Phyllis loves making friends this way.

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