Student Spotlight: Carlo Ezra Martinez Ruiz

Carlo Ezra Martinez Ruiz is from Oaxaca, Mexico. Ezra knows how important it is to study English to enter a good university and to find a good job. He decided to start studying English at Nomen Global a few months ago, and he will continue to improve until he gets accepted to a university. Ezra appreciates his teachers the most at Nomen Global. He feels that they are dedicated to their work and that he can learn faster with their help.

Ezra has already accomplished much in his life. Of all his accomplishments, he says that serving a mission in Mexico is the greatest. He has goals to graduate from a university, to get married, to start his own business, and most importantly to have a great family in the future. We wish you the best of luck, Ezra!

In his free time, Ezra exercises, reads, or goes out with friends. He enjoys being active and hates staying at home! Ezra also loves to eat (but he doesn't want to be fat!). He loves enfrijoladas, which is a popular Mexican dish similar to enchiladas, but are made with a creamy bean sauce.

To meet Ezra and other active students like him, visit us at Nomen Global!

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