Meet Our Middle Eastern Specialist, Makram Ibrahim.

Makram Ayad Yacoub Ibrahim was born and raised in Bani Suef, Egypt.  Before coming to work at Nomen Global Language Centers, in Provo, Utah, he studied English at Brigham Young University. 
His family are Coptic Christians, who now live in Cairo, Egypt.
The Coptic Christians are the largest Christian community in the Middle East.  They account for approximately ten percent of the Egyptian population.  Egypt has over 86 million inhabitants.  Egypt has one of the longest continual histories of any modern state, going back over three thousand years.  Most of the citizens of Egypt still live within close proximity of the Nile River.
Makram currently works as Nomen Global’s specialist for Middle Eastern and European students. He started with Nomen Global Language Center in January of 2014.  He enjoys working at Nomen Global because he meets many students from different countries.  He says it is fun to watch them and help them learn English.  Our many Middle Eastern students find Makram always willing to help them find lodging and help them work things out when their English language skills are stretched to the limit. 
Makram enjoys playing soccer, swimming, and jogging.

His favorite phrase in English is “Show them what you got!” 

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