Dude, you have GOT to learn English.  There is no other language on earth that is so important, universal, and PROFITABLE to know.  If you can't quote Shakespeare, sing the Beatles, chant a limerick, or bust a move with Snoop Dogg, you ain't got skin in the game of life!

Cuz Why?

English is , like, the most WELCOMING language in the whole picking world!  It takes in foreign words like a baby takes in milk, and makes them part of the English language.  From Spanish we have taken words such as avocado, banana, cafeteria, and guerrilla. From Portuguese we have taken caramel, cashew, and tapioca.  From German we have taken aspirin, diesel, and gesundheit.  From Arabic we have taken alcohol, orange, and saffron.  From Chinese we have taken ketchup, tofu, wok, and sampan.  About a THIRD of the words we have in English are from foreign languages.  Sometimes that makes English seem HARD TO LEARN.  But it's not.  It's FUN!

So List Me Some Reasons Why I Need English . . .

  • You need English if you work in sales or plan to work in sales.  Americans BUY amazing quantities of STUFF from all over the world.  Especially on eBay.  If you want some of their excellent money, you will have to be able to COMMUNICATE with them in English about the quantity, price, and quality.
  • If you work in a BANK you must have good English language skills, since so many Americans and British like to put some of their money in foreign bank accounts.  You have to know what they are talking about when they use words like greenbacks, moolah, dough, ankle-biter, baby boomer, cash flow, and insolvent.  
  • When you work as any kind of engineer, such as a civil or chemical engineer, most of the latest and most reliable information on your area of expertise will be written in ENGLISH, not Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Malaysian, or Spanish.  So if you want to be the VERY BEST engineer you can be, you need to understand English.  "No habla ingles" means "no denero in the bank"!
  •  Women are attracted to men who speak English well.  And men are more likely to marry a woman who speaks English than one who speaks Kuvi.  This is a proven statistic!
  • Would you rather learn Chinese as a second language?  No offense to our Chinese friends and students, but trying to memorize between three and four thousand Chinese logograms is SUPER HARD, compared to the 28 letters of the English alphabet.
  • The English language is a great EQUALIZER.  If you speak it and understand it well, it does not matter what color your skin is or what kind of education you have or what your religion is, in the United States and in Canada your job prospects will be MUCH BETTER with good English skills.  It is an indisputable fact that you will earn MORE MONEY if you can speak good English.  

So How Exactly Do I Improve My English, or Start to Learn English?

Dude, you have got to enroll at Nomen Global Language Centers in Provo, Utah!  Our teachers will ground you in the best standard English usage, and help you master information for the TOEFL or LSAT.  The staff will help you with paperwork and housing.  And you will absolutely LOVE living in Provo, Utah, while you hone your English language skills.  It is a fun and safe environment.  You've got mountains, rivers, and lakes nearby; plus there are several great universities right in town.  

The Rest of the World is Learning Their English at Nomen RIGHT NOW.  Why Aren't You?  


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