Some People Like Their Picture Took . . .

Some people like their pictures took; some people like it less.
And babies do not care at all, unless they’re in a dress.
Some will pose like statuettes and some will cross their eyes.
(And men will unselfconsciously reach down to check their flies.)

I guess there’s repercussions from the mobile phones that snap
A picture of ‘most anything, including brown dog crap.
You never know when you’ve been caught on digital devices
Picking at your nostrils or just sucking lemon slices.

And what about these ‘selfies’ that are posted ev’rywhere?
Has modesty and all good taste dissolved into thin air?
You’ll never catch me doing it, T-Mobile notwithstanding;
I’d rather feel the red hot poke of a cattle branding!

And who now gets their portrait done in oils, on canvass painted?
No one, outside dictators and those the Pope has sainted.
Where will it end, this photo binge that puts you in my face?
Even homely guys like me won’t vanish without trace!

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