Meet Jessica Hercules, a Veteran Teacher at Nomen Global!

Jessica Hercules and her husband Pete.

Jessica Hercules is a perky brunette, who enjoys teaching English as a Second Language.  Prior to starting work at Nomen Global Language Centers at the beginning of 2013, she was a student at Utah State in Logan, Utah, where she majored in Second Language Teaching.
She is originally from Provo, Utah, and lived most of her life in Sandy, Utah, which is the sixth largest city in the state of Utah.  Sandy is home to the Rio Tinto Stadium, the only soccer-specific stadium in Utah.  Jessica is not only a big fan of soccer, but an even bigger fan and participant in women’s lacrosse, a team sport originally played by the Iroquois Native Americans.  She currently coaches a girl’s lacrosse team in Provo.
Her husband, Pete Busche, is a former anthropology major at Brigham Young University, and is currently studying for his Masters in Public Administration at the University of Utah.  They plan on staying in the area after he graduates; he will work in local government while Jessica continues with teaching English as a second language.
One of the things Jessica enjoys most about teaching English is observing the students making progress in the language and watching where they take their knowledge of English.  She is currently teaching students at Nomen Global Grammar 2, Critical Reading, and Current Events. 

Her favorite word in the entire English language is “onomatopoeia”. (Don't worry, we had to look it up too!) 

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