Twenty Tips to Triumph with TOEFL. Tip #19.

Refer to the official TOEFL website

The official TOEFL website ( has a number of helpful articles that you can download for free. They will supply you with a list of writing topics for the essay. You can also find important information about test centers and test updates. Many of your questions can be answered here. You will also get hints about which resources are worth spending money on, such as the TOEFL class at Nomen Global Language Center. 
In today’s competitive world, the ability to speak, read and write English is the key to your success at school and at work.  You need a school that can give you trusted and competent instruction.
Nomen Global Language Center is that school!  We are located in the heart of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, in Provo, Utah, USA.  Nomen Global has been teaching English for 19 years.  We are fully accredited by The Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA).  Our instructors are all qualified and experienced.  Our staff are fully-trained and knowledgeable.  They are friendly and capable.
Our tuition schedule compares well with all other English Language Schools in the United States.
We can offer you a homestay while you are studying English, or we can help you find an inexpensive apartment to rent by yourself, and to share with other students.
We offer an excellent TOEFL course. Classes start year-round. Please click here for more information, and to begin the enrollment process.

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