Study Hard and Eat Well in Provo, Utah.

Americans eat the healthiest and most delicious variety of food in the world.
Our farms produce abundant and succulent fruits and vegetables. Our wheat is ground into rich and delicious flour that bakes into wonderful bread or cooks as hearty pasta.  Our ranches raise pork and beef that is always tender and juicy.  Our poultry is so good that countries like China and Russia clamor for it day and night.  Our dairy products are so clean and healthy that American children who are raised on our milk and cheese are taller and stronger than other children anywhere else.
And Utah is one of the best states in America in which to find and enjoy the best food on earth!  Here in Utah we raise blueberries so sweet they need no sugar.  Our apples are so crisp and flavorful that people eat them for dessert. Our sweetcorn is so amazing that people drive from as far away as Colorado to buy it.  Our honey tastes of the wildflowers that bloom on the mountains, and our peaches are so delicious they would make a stone smile and lick its lips.  Our lakes and streams teem with trout and bass, ready to be caught and cooked the very same day!
You can taste all these wonderful foods, and many more, here in Provo, Utah, all year round.  And for six months out of the year you can go to the Provo Farmer’s Market and buy all of it fresh and for very little money.  Provo is also blessed with dozens of fine, inexpensive restaurants where all this fresh food is cooked to perfection for you, day and night.
You need never eat a meal out of a can or from the freezer while you are here.
So if you are planning on coming to America to study English, and want to eat fresh and healthy and delicious food every day while you are here, we urge you to come study at Nomen Global Language Center, in Provo, Utah.  We offer TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT preparation classes, as well as classes in English grammar, business English and conversational English.  Our school is accredited through CEA, and our friendly staff are all experienced and helpful when it comes to questions about your F-1 student visa.
Remember, healthy food means a healthy body and a healthy brain!
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