Good Food in Provo!

You can find almost any kind of food you like served from a truck here in Provo, Utah.  You can eat crepes,  flavored shaved ice, pizza, tacos, kebabs, waffles, and mac-n-cheese. You do not need to sit down at a table to eat, but can stand and walk around with your meal! (And you do not need to tip!)  There are over 20 food trucks that travel around Provo, serving up delicious food all week. For a schedule of when and where, please click here

Nomen Global Language Center, in Provo, Utah, is proud to be listed as the best ESL school in the western United States. We have classes in TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT, plus English grammar, business English, Intensive English, and conversational English. Our teachers are CEA cleared and our staff will be happy to help you with any F-1 student visa questions. 

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