Looking Around Nomen Global This Morning.

We took our camera this morning and walked around Nomen Global Language Center, in Provo, Utah, to see what we could see.  We found some interesting things going on.  We want to share them with you.  Enjoy!
Our instructors are friendly and helpful, but they are also dedicated to motivating students to learn English while they are in school.  When you enter this classroom, be prepared to speak ONLY ENGLISH!

An friendly student/teacher conference in the hallway between classes.  Our staff thinks of each student as an individual, and always offers individual help and guidance.

Students do not sit all day, learning English by rote.  They are up and active most of the time, role-playing and preparing for activities to enhance their understanding and use of the English language.  Here a class prepares to act in a brief play . . .

`And here are the student actors, dressed up and rehearsing for the upcoming performance.  Nomen Global students participate in these kinds of activities on a regular basis.

Our student Maria knows how well we prepare our students for success, whether they are preparing to take the TOEFL test or are learning English grammar.  Our school is always filled with smiles just like hers!

To learn English you must stay focused and disciplined, as well as have fun.  Our students spend four hours each day in classes such as this one, where they are trained by qualified and experienced teachers.

We invite YOU to come to Nomen Global Language Center, in Provo, Utah, not just to learn English, but to smile and have a good time!  America is a wonderful place to learn to speak English! 

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