A Message to Parents: Can Your Child Succeed in the Business World without English Language Proficiency?

After helping your child earn a degree in computer science in your country, do you want him or her to miss the strongest and most exciting career opportunities because their English skills are only minimal?
No, you don’t want that!  You want your child to become a recognized and well-compensated computer expert.  And where are computer experts most recognized and paid the best salaries?
In the United States of America.
Nomen Global Language Center, of Provo, Utah, invites you to give serious consideration to sending your child to America to study English here in the fastest-growing information and communications start-up community in the western United States.  Companies such as Microsoft and Adobe, eBay and Oracle, are expanding their presence in the Provo/Orem area.  Brand new internet companies are popping up like well-watered plants all over the area.  Any one of them could be the next Microsoft or  Facebook.  How would it make you feel to know that you have helped your child to enter one of these fantastic companies?
The very first step it to have them become capable in speaking, reading and writing the English language.  Nomen Global Language Center will help them become competent and confident in the English language.  And they can start at any time of the year – our schedule allows for new starts every two weeks.
You can read about the great career opportunities in the Provo/Orem area here.
To learn more about Nomen Global Language Center, and to help your son or daughter begin the enrollment process, please click here.
The happiness of your son or daughter is in your hands.  All you need to do to help them find this happiness is to get them enrolled at Nomen Global Language Center! 
Whether your child stays to work in America or returns to your home country, we can give your children a future you will be proud of.  

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