Grammar Guide: Irregular Comparative and Superlative

This block at Nomen Global, we are taking the time to appreciate the different types of art in the world. The best thing about art is that anyone can create it, anyone can look at it, and anyone can love it! 

Irregular Comparative and Superlative Forms
While most adjectives follow the simple patterns of adding -er, -est, more, and most, a few adjectives take an irregular form:

Adjective        Comparative    Superlative
bad                  worse              worst
far(distance)     farther             farthest
far(extent)        further             furthest
good                better              best
ill                     worse              worst
late                  later                 latest or last
less                  lesser               least
little(amount)    less                  least
many               more                most
much               more                most
well                 better               best
  • The best art is art that you create yourself.
  • Art is so much more beautiful when you understand where it came from.
  • The farthest I've traveled to view artwork is on a 12-hour plane ride across the world.
  • Every day Sarah gets better at painting.

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