Pioneer Village

Welcome back to school, students! We hope you enjoyed your week-long break to celebrate Independence Day! We also hope you are ready to finish off an already great semester.

Today we visited Pioneer Village, located just down the street from our campus. Pioneer Village is a special museum that shows the different types of buildings that were typical at the time that pioneers first settled in Utah. While many people think of pioneers as the families that traveled across the plains of America during the 1800s, a pioneer is anyone who does something for the first time.

It was a great experience to see how different life was before we had skyscrapers, paved roads, and airplanes. Learning about the pioneers that came to Utah helped us appreciate the lives that we have today. Even though our lives can be difficult, we admire the people who came before us.

Many of our students are also pioneers. They are learning English and living in a different country! Some of them are the first in their families to visit the United States! One day, their descendants will be grateful for the hard work they are doing now.

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