Teacher Spotlight: Scott Bowen

Nomen Global is pleased to welcome a new teacher to our faculty! Scott Bowen is originally from San Diego, California, but he has enjoyed traveling the world and living in Utah. He teaches Grammar Level 4 and Integrated Skills Level 3. Scott is also our new Activities Director! He will be in charge of planning and implementing all of our school outings and activities.

Scott lived in Italy for several years before he started teaching at Nomen Global. He learned Italian, taught English once a week, and did service throughout the country. Because of his love for Italy, Scott studied Italian at Brigham Young University. He uses his language-learning skills to improve his classrooms at Nomen Global. He has been teaching English here for 4 weeks, and we are excited to learn more from Scott!

Scott loves seeing the students at Nomen Global. They are from many different countries and bring a fresh outlook on life into Scott's classroom. His favorite aspect of teaching, however, is watching his students progress. His favorite aspect of English is slang and idiomatic expressions!

In the future, Scott plans to apply and be accepted to law school this fall. When he graduates, his dream is to live by the beach. Since Scott is from California, he is an expert surfer! He hopes to live by the beach so that he can continue his hobby.

Get to know more about Scott and other great teachers like him at Nomen Global!

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