Student Spotlight: Roman Khromenko

Roman Khromenko is from Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan. He has been studying English at Nomen Global for just one block, but will continue to study here for two semesters. He is studying English so that he is able to enter a university after he becomes even more fluent in English. Roman has enjoyed his experience so far: He likes the way the teachers teach. They explain things clearly and present the material so that everyone understands. Roman says he feels like the school is a big family for the students!

Roman has many goals for the future. He hopes to have healthy kids, a happy marriage, and a money-making job. He is also very proud of the accomplishments he has completed in the past. For Roman, obtaining a US visa was very difficult. He considers receiving his visa to study here one of his greatest successes.

In his free time, Roman enjoys playing sports. Among his favorite sports are tennis, rugby, American football, and baseball. He also enjoys eating meat (pork and chicken), fruit, fish, and seafood.

If you meet Roman, some interesting facts about him include that he believed he had brown eyes until he was 16 (they are green), that he watches fireworks every year on his birthday (May 9), and that he can't refuse someone's offer!

Meet Roman and other interesting students like him at Nomen Global!

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