Student Spotlight: Rawabi Alhulhim

Rawabi Alhulhim is from Saudi Arabia. She has completed one month of classes at Nomen Global and plans to remain here for one semester. Rawabi is studying English because she intends to return to Saudi Arabia to work with her family.

Rawabi enjoys studying at Nomen Global because she feels as though her teachers and the administration treat her with respect and cooperation. She feels very proud to have come to the United States; in fact, choosing to come here to study English is her greatest success! Rawabi hopes to become more fluent in English. Good luck, Rawabi!

After Rawabi studies at Nomen Global, she plans to attend a university. She hopes that her path will lead her to be as successful as her family. In her free time, Rawabi enjoys going to the movies and learning to play the guitar. She also loves eating Italian food, studying, and traveling.

Meet Rawabi and other inspiring students like her at Nomen Global!

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