Student Spotlight: Xavier Contell

Xavier Contell is originally from Barcelona, Spain. He started studying English at Nomen Global this block and will continue to study here until October. Xavier is studying in our TOEFL Preparation course. He chose to study for the TOEFL so that he can improve his English skills enough to do well on the test. One of Xavier's favorite things about Nomen Global is the excitement that everyone has to learn more English. He also enjoys getting to know people and cultures from all over the world.

After Xavier finishes studying at Nomen Global, he plans to take the TOEFL and enter one of the universities in the area: Utah Valley University or Brigham Young University. We wish Xavier the best of luck! He has already done so much to accomplish his goals, including obtaining a visa and moving across the world to study English. Xavier also aspires to have a good quality life, to be able to travel around the world, and to have a good house, car, family, job, and friends.

In his free time, Xavier enjoys hanging out and driving around. He likes music, movies, sports, video games, and having good conversations with people. Interestingly, Xavier also has a black belt in taekwondo! He is always happy and proud of the things that he has done.

Meet Xavier and other hardworking students like him at Nomen Global!

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