Capture the Flag

Today for our Monday Activity, we experienced the popular outdoor game, capture the flag. Capture the flag is a game played by two teams of people. We gathered at a nearby park and brought two flags. We separated into two teams and learned the rules of the game. Nomen Global students had a great time being stealthy, working together, and observing the other team. If you have never played capture the flag before, check out the rules below. (There are many variations of this game. You can adapt the rules how you like, but these are the basic rules).

Equipment: two flags and one large outdoor space
Players: enough people for two large teams
Object: to be the first to retrieve the enemy flag and return to safe territory

To begin playing capture the flag, find a large outdoor space. A large park or forested area works perfectly. Divide your group of friends into two teams. Usually the more people you have, the more exciting the game can be. Then divide the large park into two territories. These two territories can be divided by a tree line, a stream, a sidewalk, or an imaginary line that both teams recognize. 

Each team "owns" one side of the park. On their side, they need to hide their flag withing 200 feet of the dividing line. The flag must be visible, but it can be in an inconspicuous location. When both teams have secured their flags, they return to the dividing line. 

A signal will mark the start of the game. The object of the game is to enter enemy territory, retrieve the flag, and return to home territory. When team members cross the dividing line into enemy territory, however, they can be caught by enemy team members. If a member of the enemy team touches you, you can be taken to jail. The jail can be marked by a tree or a rock. A prisoner can be rescued by a fellow teammate if that teammate touches him or her. 

The winning team will be the first to successfully find the enemy's flag and return to safe territory. If neither team is able to capture the flag in a set amount of time, the game is won by the team with the most prisoners.

Have fun playing capture the flag! To learn more about Nomen Global and the activities we do, visit us at our Facebook page!

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