Bowling Tournament

Bowling is a popular pastime in the United States and across the world because it is challenging and fun. Players roll the bowling ball down the lane to knock over as many pins as they can. Ten pins sit at the end of a 60-foot lane. The more pins you know down, the higher your score for that round. There are ten frames in each game, and each player has up to two chances to knock down all of the pins in each frame. Players have the up to 3 chances in the last frame. 

Last Friday, Nomen Global students went to Miracle Bowl bowling alley for an afternoon of fun. Many of our students already know how to bowl, so we hosted a bowling tournament to see who could get the highest scores! Many students enjoyed the summer discount offered--just $1 per game! We spent 2 hours at the bowling alley and had a great time competing with ourselves and each other. A perfect game earns 300 points, but most of our students were happy to earn over 100 points!

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