Student Spotlight: Runchana Pupasongtham

Runchana Pupasongtham, also known as Shannon, is one of our new fall students from Thailand. Shannon plans to live in the United States until she graduates from a university, so she is diligently studying and refining her English until she is ready to move to the next step.

Shannon chose to study at Nomen Global because this school is specifically designed for students studying English. Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of communicating in the English language. For Shannon, this focal point helps her improve her English at a much more rapid pace.

After studying at Nomen Global, Shannon hopes to study at a university in the United States. She is already a master of the Thai language, and she aspires to one day be as fluent in English as she is in Thai. Another goal that Shannon has is to be a psychiatrist. She finds human psychology fascinating.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys watching cartoons and playing logic games. The most important thing to her is family.

Get to know Shannon and other college-bound students like her at Nomen Global.

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