Staff Spotlight: William Partridge

William Partridge, a Utah native, is one of our in-house recruiters. The area of the world that he works with includes all of Asia and the Middle East. 

Bill has brought 17 students to Nomen Global in the short time that he has worked with us (about 4 months)! More than his success, Bill loves meeting people from different countries and making friends with those associated with the school.

As a former engineer, Bill has the creativity to think outside the box. Bill says that the most effective tool to recruit both students and agents is talking to them! When he gets to know their personal needs, he is able to show them how Nomen Global can help them reach their goals.

“We must take every opportunity to dream dreams.” Bill truly lives by his favorite quote and works hard to make things happen.

To meet Bill and other staff like him, visit us at Nomen Global!

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