Bocce Ball Tournament

Last Monday, Nomen Global students participated in a popular outdoor activity: bocce ball! Many of our students had never played this Italian game before, but all had a great time learning a new game and competing with one another. Take a look at some of the pictures we took at the tournament.

To play bocce ball, you need the following:
  • 1 small ball (called the pallino)
  • sets of 4 larger balls (different colors for different teams)
  • any playing field
We broke up into 8 groups of four. We began with 4 different rounds, two teams playing against each other. To begin a frame, a random player throws the pallino. Then that player throws a bocce ball. The object is to get the bocce ball as close to the pallino as possible. Since this first team has their ball closest to the pallino, they are considered "inside". The other team, considered "outside", gets a turn to throw their balls.

The "inside" team (the team that has their color ball closest to the pallino) always allows the "outside" team to throw their bocce ball until the "outside" team gets a bocce ball closer to the pallino, at which point the "outside" team becomes the "inside" team. Whichever team has a bocce ball closer to the pallino is considered "inside". One point is scored to whichever team is "inside",  plus 1 point for each additional bocce ball of the "inside" color that is closer to the pallino than any "outside" bocce ball.

We repeat these frames until one team reaches 9 points. Once a team has earned 9 points, the round is over and each team plays another new team.

We followed the 8-team double elimination bracket to track our winners: Team SAMY (Sylvia, Aika, Miguel, and Yoyo)!

To play an online version of bocce ball, click here.

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