Student Spotlight: Pak Tung Chen (Andy)

Pak Tung Chen (Andy) is from Hong Kong. He is studying English short-term at Nomen Global--he has been here for just four weeks and is leaving in another two. Andy enjoys Nomen Global because "all the staff are nice and the classmates are fun and kind."

Andy has studied English extensively in his native country as well as England. He has plans, however, to remain in the United States to attend a university. Andy is currently studying to prepare for both the IELTS and the TOEFL. Though he has had significant success with English proficiency tests and studying abroad, Andy considers his greatest success his ability to speak fluently.

In addition to studying, Andy enjoys playing basketball, making friends, and eating sushi. His goals in life include graduating from a famous business school and helping his family run their businesses. Naturally, family is the most important thing to Andy.

Get to know Andy and other great students like him at Nomen Global!

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