International Food Appreciation

Each semester Nomen Global students take a moment to appreciate all the different cultures represented by our student body. What better way to appreciate culture than with our favorite cultural food! 

The students had 30 minutes to run out to their favorite cultural food restaurant and purchase a dish to share.
Provo, Utah, is a unique city because a wide variety of different cultural food restaurants are located along Center Street. Among our favorite cultural foods are Brazilian, El Salvadorean, India, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Peruvian, Vietnamese, and others. 

Of course we began our appreciation activity with a feast! After sampling and enjoying a dozen different cultural foods, we took turns presenting information about the countries represented by our students. Take a look at a few of the pictures we took.

Nomen Global is lucky to have a wide variety of countries represented by students. We have around 30 different countries currently represented, including Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mali, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, Vietnam and others.

To learn more about educational programs and our diverse students, visit us at Nomen Global.

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