Student Spotlight: Miguel Betancort Cedres

Miguel Betancort Cedres is from the Canary Islands, Spain. He has been studying English at Nomen Global since April and will continue to study here until next April! Miguel initially chose Nomen Global because it is located in Utah, "a good and safe state to live in." Miguel has enjoyed his experience so far because Nomen Global is a good place to study. He says that it is "very nice and fun."

After Miguel studies at Nomen Global, he plans to study at a university. One of his goals is to graduate and get a good job.

When Miguel learns English well enough, he would love to study marine sciences to be a ship captain. Successful ship captains are extremely proficient in English so that they can communicate well with their crew and any passengers. Once Miguel masters English, he says that accomplishment will be his greatest success.

In his free time, Miguel likes to watch TV, play games, go to parties, and talk to his parents and friends. The most important thing to him is his health and his family. When he was living in the Canary Islands, Miguel loved his motorcycle and the sea, but he is discovering other great hobbies while he is away from home.

Get to know Miguel and other great students like him at Nomen Global!

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