Student Spotlight: Alessandra Rossi

Alessandra Rossi is one of our devoted evening students. Alessandra is originally from Brazil but has been living in the United States for many years. She began studying English at Nomen Global in 2006, but when her son was born, she decided to dedicate her time to her family. This year, Alessandra began studying again and hopes to take the TOEFL.

Alessandra chose to return to Nomen Global because she says it is "a good school for learning English." With a career and a family to tend to during the day, Alessandra takes advantage of our evening schedule. She likes the teachers and believes they can help her become a more fluent English speaker. One of Alessandra's goals is to take and pass the TOEFL so that she can begin a master's degree in psychology.

Alessandra loves being a mother. She considers this work her greatest success. In addition to being with her family, Alessandra enjoys dancing, walking, and shopping. Alessandra always strives to be the best person.

To meet Alessandra and other hardworking students like her, visit us at Nomen Global!

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