Student Spotlight: Telma Pradera

Telma Pradera is from Brazil. She has been studying English at Nomen Global for 3 months and has been helping the school as much as the school has been helping her! Telma is one of our student employees who assists in finding other students to study English in Utah. She is doing a fantastic job! So far, she has already brought 2 students and has many more other students in the application process. Telma is studying at Nomen Global because she thinks that it is a great school to study English; she wants others to enjoy learning as much as she does! Although Telma enjoys her whole experience at Nomen Global, she especially loves the teachers and their teaching method.

In the future, Telma hopes to earn her master's degree after she studies English. Her greatest success is doing what she planned to do and being happy while doing it! However, the most important thing to Telma is her family. In her free time, Telma likes to run, to swim, and to read.

Meet Telma and other great students like her at Nomen Global!

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