Student Spotlight: Erdenebat Sanjdorj

Erdenebat Sanjdorj (Nate) is from Mongolia, located between China and Russia. Nate is enrolled in our TOEFL Preparation course and has been studying at Nomen Global for 5 months. He has enjoyed meeting a diverse group of international students. Nate says that because of the variety of cultures and languages, "it's fun and faster to learn English at Nomen Global." Nate also appreciates the way the teachers teach. He says that learning English at Nomen Global is "study with fun."

After he finishes studying English, Nate plans to go to a university in Texas or California. He hasn't decided yet because are so many "cool and famous" universities in the United States! Nate hopes to receive his bachelor's degree with a GPA higher than 3.7.

Although Nate doesn't have much free time, he enjoys spending time at the park. His goals include attending a prestigious university, obtaining a respectable job, and having a happy family. For fun, Nate wants to travel to Dubai, Brazil, and different countries in Europe. Nate believes that family is the most important thing.

Meet Nate and other students like him at Nomen Global!

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