Student Spotlight: Mario Xaverius

Mario Xaverius is a student from Indonesia. He has been studying at Nomen Global for a few months and is making some rapid progress in his English skills! Mario came to Nomen Global to improve his English and gain international experience. He hopes to use his English to work in the tourism industry on his island in Indonesia.

Mario loves Nomen Global because he is making new friends from many other countries! He attends many school activities—including the Ski/Snowboard Adventure where Mario went snowboarding for the first time! Mario also loves the English teachers because they are different and more friendly than other teachers he has had at other English schools.

Coming to the United States and traveling by himself is one of the most exciting things that Mario has done in his life, but his family is still the most important thing to him! In addition to studying English and hanging out with friends, Mario spends his time thinking about, learning about, and planning for his future. Mario plans to learn many more languages after he masters English so that he can easily travel to other countries. 

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  1. wow thats amazing i would like to go there to you mario came from lombok same with i proud that i've frind in ameraca and it surprised me cos he suddenly go to lenga you are great...lenga is mari usually called in his socitey

  2. wow mario GOD bless you always i know that you already improved your english very well...pu ki may dont forget that i really happy to see your smile lenga..hei mar u need to get job there to earn much money...sorry my english isnt good like your..heheheh when will you go home?? you know who am i? along miss you too