Speaking, Listening, and Vocabulary Strategy: Games!

Many students ask about ways to improve speaking and listening. Even more students ask about ways to improve vocabulary. One extraordinary way to practice them all is through games! At Nomen Global, many students enjoy playing games together to practice these difficult skills in a fun and interactive way. Games not only help you use your English, they force you to use your English quickly and efficiently! There are many games that are great for families and parties. Here are a few of Nomen Global's favorites and where to find them.

Speaking and Listening Games
Backseat Drawing allows team members to improve their listening and speaking skills as one team member describes how to draw something while the other team member must follow the instructions! Other team members laugh as they try to guess what is being drawn. Both speaking and listening skills are a must!

Catch Phrase is a Nomen favorite! This game features a word wheel that contains a variety of words. One team member must describe this word semantically as the other team members listen and try to guess the word. You must speak fast! The timer will be ticking! You must be able to speak well in Catch Phrase.

Mad Gab is a hilarious and entertaining game of sounds and meaning! As one team member reads non-words that are totally unrelated, the other team members must try to decipher the meaning before the time is up. For example, DEW WINO HUE sounds like "Do I know you?" Test your listening with Mad Gab!

Story Cubes Actions allows your creativity to soar! The cubes in this game depict the most important English verbs to help you practice telling new stories every time you play. Practice your grammar and vocabulary in this clever educational game.

Table Topics will get you speaking about all topics with your friends. This creative conversation starter allows you to get to know your friends better while practicing your English. You will practice speaking on a wide variety of topics!

Taboo is another favorite speaking game! You are challenged to describe words to your teammatesbut don't say the taboo words! You will exercise your vocabulary as you try to figure out more creative ways to explain your word to your teammates with Taboo.

You've Been Sentenced tests your grammar and speaking skills. You first create sentences with the cards you are given, but then you must explain your sentence to your teammates! Your friends will judge your sentence, so you better explain yourself well.

Imaginiff is the hilarious game where you ask questions and discuss answers about your friends. "Imaginiff your friend were a fruit. Which would he/she be?" Take turns voting on and talking about funny and creative answers. Imaginiff increases your vocabulary and speaking skills!

Vocabulary and Spelling Games
Apples to Apples has won numerous awards for a great family and party game. Take turns judging crazy comparisons of people, places, things, and events. Increase your vocabulary in the funny and entertaining Apples to Apples.

Bananagrams challenges your skills with letters and words. Create your own crossword puzzles with letters drawn from the pile. Race your friends to see who can come up with the mostand bestwords before all the letters are gone! A large vocabulary and good spelling skills are a must in Bananagrams.

Boggle is the timed word search game that has been a favorite for years. You create new word search every time you play when you shake and twist the letters in the cube. Your vocabulary and spelling skills will be tested as you race your friends to find the most words before the time is up.

Last Word makes you think quick before the random timer goes off. You are given a category, a beginning letter, and a time limit to think of as many words as you can. Your vocabulary will be challenged as you strive to have the last word.

Name Five challenges you to think of 5 things on a multitude of topics. Can you think of 5 things that make you sneeze? You will laugh with your friends as you share your answers. Improve your vocabulary with Name Five!

Pictionary is a the classic drawing game. Challenge yourself to draw a given word as your teammates try to figure it out. If you want to practice vocabulary, you will love Pictionary!

Scattergories is a cousin to games like Last Word and Name Five. You are challenged to think of words that fit into 12 different categories beginning with the same letter. Another Nomen favorite, Scattergories, will spark your thinking and vocabulary skills.

Scrabble is the classic crossword game. With your 7 letters, can you create words that build on the rest of the puzzle? The more difficult letters you use, the more points you receive! Your spelling skills will improve as you play Scrabble with your friends.

Nomen Global students enjoy finding out new and fun ways to practice English. If you want to know more about Nomen Global, our programs, and our activities, contact us today!

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