Cheaper Tuition and Cost of Living in Provo, Utah

Money is one of the most important things students consider when choosing a school to study English. Nomen Global students get a great deal for their money. In addition to cheaper tuition, cost of living is much less expensive in Provo, Utah, than most cities in the United States. Let's take a look at some numbers.

Nomen Global Language Center
Provo, Utah
Nomen Global has a great tuition rate for 1 semester. If you study for 2 semesters, each 16-week semester of intensive English costs only $2,370. Cost of living associated with Nomen Global is $2,460. Nomen Global students enjoy a full schedule of classes as well as school-affiliated activities on the weekends.

BYU English Language Center
Provo, Utah
The ELC at BYU also has a great value of $2,325 per semester. The ELC has three set semesters with enrollment in January, April, and August, whereas Nomen Global has open enrollment all year. The ELC also recommends a $2,800 cost of living.

Selnate International School
Provo, Utah
Selnate is another school in Provo, Utah, but their tuition is $2,800 for levels 1-5 and $3,150 for level 6. Homestay cost of living at Selnate is $2,850 per semester.

DePaul University
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago is a popular city to visit, but cost of living is almost twice as expensive! Tuition at DePaul University costs $3,295 for only 10 weeks, wheras Nomen Global offers a 16-week semester.

Seattle Language Academy

Seattle, Washington
Seattle Language Academy offers intensive English courses on 4-week terms. For 16 weeks, tuition costs $5,050.

UCLA American Language Center

Los Angeles, California
Though one of the most popular cities to visit in the United States, Los Angeles cost of living is also one of the highest. Tuition at UCLA is $4,605 for only 12 weeks. Students at Nomen Global are close enough to Los Angeles to visit, but have a much lower cost of living.

Yale University English Language Institute

New Haven, Connecticut
Yale University offers 6-week intensive English courses for $4,250! Nomen Global students receive almost 3 times more time for almost half the money! Cost of living in New Haven is also $3,165.

Wayne State University

Detroit, Michigan
Finally, Wayne State University offers a semester of intensive English for $7,866.25. Cost of living in Detroit is $3,600.

Nomen Global students really do enjoy a quality education, world-class surroundings, and everyday fun for what seems like pocket change! To learn more about Nomen Global and the programs we offer, visit our website.

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  1. Students applying to the English Language Center at BYU are not required to pay the $4000 deposit. Only students admitted to BYU as degree-seeking students need to pay the deposit.