Last Friday a handful of Nomen Global students experienced one of the best comedy shows in Utah! ComedySportz is a popular improv show in Provo featuring two teams of comedians. The teams battle against each other using audience suggestions to generate as much laughter as possible!

Could you create a conversation based on a random text message from a stranger? Well, this challenge was one of the favorite sketches from Friday's performance. A member from the audience read a text message they had received, and the teams had to use that text message in their dialogue. Then the audience chose which team performed the best and funniest sketch.

"I really like the show because they interacted with the audience. Being involved made it more interesting," reports Jinseon, an English student from Korea.

ComedySportz is a great activity for students learning English because it challenges their listening ability. It also gives them a valuable cultural experience. A basic understanding of humor can give insights into the culture. Someone once said that you become more fluent when you can understand and tell jokes.

Nomen Global students enjoy learning more about and living in American culture. Our English school plans and participates in great activities to enhance the education of our students. To learn more about Nomen Global, visit our website.

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