Student Spotlight: Andy Kim

Andy Kim moved from Korea to the United States 6 months ago. He has been studying at Nomen Global for just 2 months, but his English has already improved! Andy realized that he needed to improve his English when he went on a business trip for his trading company of 5 years. He hopes that when he finishes studying English, he will be more efficient and useful at his company. While Andy was working for his company, he increased sales for the K-Mart/Sears team from $3 million a year to $15 million a year. He obviously knows what it means to be successful! We are sure he can be just as successful at improving his English.

So far, Andy enjoys the Monday Listening and Speaking Activities every other week. The Listening and Speaking Activities allow the entire school to come together to practice these important skills in different topics. Last week, for example, we recited and listened to poetry. Other weeks, we have made movies and shared international food.

Many people do not know that Andy actually plays many musical instruments. Among his favorite instruments are piano and guitar. Andy also enjoys playing soccer and watching movies. In addition, Andy's favorite food is spaghetti. Besides learning English, Andy has a goal to be rich; however, his family is also as important to him as money.

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