Student Spotlight: Cristiano Gonzalez

Cristiano Gonzalez is from Chile. He is currently enrolled in the GMAT Preparation course at Nomen Global. He has been studying here for several weeks and plans to stay until he can get a score of 700 or better on the GMAT. 'GMAT' stands for the Graduate Management Admissions Test. It assesses math and English language skills that are required for admission into a graduate business program. Cristiano hopes to improve his English enough to be admitted into an MBA program.

Cristiano just completed a double major in finance and business management with a double minor in economics and organizational behavior at BYU-Hawaii in just four years! He hopes to earn an MBA or master's degree in finance.

Besides GMAT Preparation, Cristiano enjoys the diversity in culture and the fun environment at Nomen Global. Cristiano is quick to get to know other students in the school. He feels that it is important to always have an open mind and be non-judgmental. These skills allow him to understand and appreciate other cultures. In the future, Cristiano wants to visit every country in the world and learn many different languages.

Cristiano's other hobbies include playing guitar, surfing, long boarding, snowboarding, biking, and going out with friends. He loves Thai, Brazilian, Italian, and Japanese food.While Cristiano has a passion for rock, fast cars, parties, and motorcycles, he also has a passion for art, literature, finance, and politics.

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